Our business is to help people, organisations and communities to work better together, to shape their place in the future.

Every organisation, commercial, governmental or third-sector, needs to engage with the public and with communities.  Whether the purpose of this engagement is public consultation or more active public involvement, our aim is to help you communicate and work with your communities in a way that turns a mass of critical people into a critical mass. Resolving local issues, reducing opposition and gaining agreement is what localism is all about.

Using our knowledge and experience of the public sector – its structure, procedures, management and leadership – we advise and support individuals, groups and organisations in how to maximise their influence and work most effectively with their local authorities. We also provide professional advice, training and coaching to local authority executives and elected representatives.

We are sensitive to and skilled in bridging private and public interests, professions and organizations and in manipulating networks of communication and influence.

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Empowering Citizens and Localities
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